Free Wireless Access

Once upon a time, high-speed internet was a luxury reserved for college campuses, businesses, and the wealthy. In some form or fashion it is available (perhaps not feasible, but available) to the populous. Along the same time that high-speed internet became available, laptops made a surge (understandably so) and continue to become increasingly affordable. Finally, the natural evolution was that laptop users would want to be able to fully break away from their wired/corded restraints and still have internet access. Consequently, wireless internet access became increasingly available and consequently a fantastic commodity.

On the trip to SD (from where I’m currently returning), my hotel was chosen due (in part) to the wireless internet access. While at SD’s airport, I thought I’d pull out my lappy to work. Then I thought I’d just TRY the wireless. Eureka, SD’s airport has free broadband wireless.

So, way to go Best Western Seven Seas and San Diego Airport for having FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET.

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