Fourth of July Celebration

I want to take a few minutes to post about what the 4th of July means to me…

America is actually quite a young country (in comparison to many other countries). Not that long ago, many men and women sacrificed (in many differing ways) themselves to the idea of this country, the ideals on which it was founded, and their own pursuit of virtuous liberty. What a set of ideals. Consequently, today is known as “Independence Day”. Today is a day to recognize their sacrifice, along with the sacrifices made by many others over the years to maintain that independence.

To me, July 4th is a day which carries also with it weighty memories. Memories which flood my soul are of family cookouts over grills, the first ripened tomatoes of the summer, and friends who come to share this happiness. Blessings were always asked which included a prayer for the country and a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings for which we maintain in this country. Many of us, perhaps some of you reading this, are truly blessed to live in this land of opportunity.

Make today an Independence Day full of family and/or friends, replete with new memories and expressed thanks for everything we truly enjoy in the U.S.

God bless America,


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