So I really like Fluxbox as a window manager. I see a decrease in about 30 processes. An immediate consequence for me as a primary laptop user is an increase in battery life however insignificant.

All the configuration scripts for Fluxbox are found in the .fluxbox directory which are customizable for each user. I began editing the menu by hand to include only the applications that I needed. But then I realized that I used tons of applications. I remember Mandriva/Mandrake had an application called “menudrake”. I could issue this command and it would add all my apps to the Fluxbox menus. However, I’m in Fedora 7. After some looking around online I used the application fluxbox_generate-menu which completely generated the all-inclusive menus.

Another interesting file is the startup file in the .fluxbox directory. You can add whatever applications to it (followed by an ampersand, the ‘&’) and then Fluxbox will start easily with those applications already started. For instance, I run kpowersave and kwifimanager as well as gkrellm -w which automatically docks into the slit (another Fluxbox nuance).

I’m sure I’ll add more to my discussion of Fluxbox in later posts.

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