Fedora 8

To anyone who may actually read this, this is as good of a way for me to keep up with what I’ve done as opposed to letting everyone else read something neat and new. I upgraded my Dell Latitude D620 to Fedora 8. Fedora posted a link to the .rpm file which modified all of the Fedora entries in the /etc/yum.repos.d directory. I made sure that none of the non-Fedora repositories would be examined, installed the rpm (‘rpm -Uvh’ is the preferred command) and then proceeded to give the command to yum to upgrade my Fedora 7 to Fedora 8.

A lot of files were downloaded and installed. New kernels and anything else imaginable. There were several things which were fixed. For instance, now the Kpowersave application doesn’t automatically crash whenever I try to do something with it. That’s good. Unfortunately, since last I checked, I still couldn’t suspend using the KDE daemon. Well, I could suspend, I just couldn’t resume. Hibernate is still broken. I ended up just making a shortcut on my desktop to the ‘pm-suspend’ command. That’s currently what I use before closing my lid.

I see about the same level of power consumption and on the whole notice no tremendous differences since I use a highly customized KDE interface.

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