Fedora 12 Problem

I’m making this post first in case anyone else has the same dilemma.

I issued preupgrade as root yesterday and picked Rawhide based upon the link


which I actually found on FedoraForum.org. After doing so, I had planned to immediately run the ‘yum update’ in order to be running the release Fedora 12 Constantine.

I had been running the binary version of the nVidia driver. After the pre-upgrade finished, and F12 booted, I saw only text. I had expected this. When I tried to install the nVidia driver, it didn’t work. I didn’t even bother to troubleshoot. With a new upgrade, I want to make sure that I have data preserved. I tried going to runlevel 3 and issuing startx. I also attempted that with root privlieges. No go.

I navigated to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and changed any instance of ‘nvidia’ to ‘nv’. This didn’t work. I checked lsmod to see what was loaded and saw “nouveau” had been loaded. So I googled (on another machine) how to load the nouveau driver. You must have the driver listed as “nouveau” and not “nv” or “nvidia”.

I hope this helps someone.

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