Fedora 12 on a Dell Latitude D630

After my minor preupgrade dilemma, I’ve had a few hours to use and decide upon Fedora 12.

The preupgrade process took only about 30-40 minutes (for the download) on a pretty speedy connection. The downloads were approximately 1600 rpm packages.

After I changed the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to use the “nouveau” driver instead of the “nv” or “nvidia” drivers, I rebooted (I know I could’ve changed to runlevel 5 from another tty) and got graphical interface back.

I see that I’m running a 2.6.31 kernel (

I’m still running everything in ext3 although once I back everything up, I plan to change that.

I grab network connections quickly (wireless, that is). Suspend and resuming from suspend both work flawlessly.

I’ll test audio later on to see how well I do.

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