Fedora 10 Updates on 2/13/09

I’ve actually neglected posting several days worth of updates. However, yesterday was the first day in forever that I didn’t get at least 50 MB of updates.

Here are today’s updates:

vlgothic-fonts noarch 20090204-2.fc10 updates 2.3 M
replacing VLGothic-fonts.noarch 20081029-1.fc10

PackageKit x86_64 0.3.14-1.fc10 updates 357 k
PackageKit-glib x86_64 0.3.14-1.fc10 updates 124 k
PackageKit-udev-helper x86_64 0.3.14-1.fc10 updates 55 k
PackageKit-yum x86_64 0.3.14-1.fc10 updates 113 k
PackageKit-yum-plugin x86_64 0.3.14-1.fc10 updates 56 k
control-center x86_64 1: updates 2.4 M
control-center-filesystem x86_64 1: updates 40 k
elfutils-libelf x86_64 0.139-1.fc10 updates 55 k
emacs x86_64 1:22.3-4.fc10 updates 2.2 M
emacs-common x86_64 1:22.3-4.fc10 updates 19 M
ethtool x86_64 6-2.20090115git.fc10 updates 84 k
ginac x86_64 1.4.4-1.fc10 updates 1.0 M
hal-info noarch 20090202-1.fc10 updates 151 k
kde-settings noarch 4.1-6.20090206svn.fc10 updates 33 k
kde-settings-kdm noarch 4.1-6.20090206svn.fc10 updates 22 k
kde-settings-pulseaudio noarch 4.1-6.20090206svn.fc10 updates 11 k
kdebase-runtime x86_64 4.2.0-6.fc10 updates 6.6 M
kdebase-runtime-libs x86_64 4.2.0-6.fc10 updates 1.3 M
kdeedu x86_64 4.2.0-7.fc10 updates 24 M
kdeedu-kstars x86_64 4.2.0-7.fc10 updates 10 M
kdeedu-libs x86_64 4.2.0-7.fc10 updates 344 k
kdeedu-marble x86_64 4.2.0-7.fc10 updates 18 M
kdeedu-math x86_64 4.2.0-7.fc10 updates 3.5 M
kdenetwork x86_64 7:4.2.0-2.fc10 updates 8.1 M
kdenetwork-libs x86_64 7:4.2.0-2.fc10 updates 1.7 M
nfs-utils x86_64 1:1.1.4-8.fc10 updates 302 k
nss_ldap x86_64 264-1.fc10 updates 706 k
ntfs-3g x86_64 2:2009.2.1-1.fc10 updates 178 k
numactl x86_64 2.0.2-3.fc10 updates 57 k
opal x86_64 3.4.4-4.fc10 updates 2.9 M
oxygen-icon-theme noarch 4.2.0-6.fc10 updates 15 M
policycoreutils x86_64 2.0.57-17.fc10 updates 1.1 M
policycoreutils-gui x86_64 2.0.57-17.fc10 updates 191 k
procps x86_64 3.2.7-22.fc10 updates 215 k
ptlib x86_64 2.4.4-2.fc10 updates 1.2 M
selinux-policy noarch 3.5.13-44.fc10 updates 619 k
selinux-policy-targeted noarch 3.5.13-44.fc10 updates 2.0 M
setup noarch 2.7.4-3.fc10 updates 144 k
xine-lib x86_64 updates 2.4 M
xine-lib-pulseaudio x86_64 updates 16 k
xorg-x11-drv-ati x86_64 6.10.0-2.fc10 updates 310 k
Installing for dependencies:
dustin-domestic-manners-fonts noarch 20030527-2.fc10 updates 54 k
libfli x86_64 1.7-4.fc10 updates 38 k
libindi x86_64 0.6-2.fc10 updates 488 k
sj-fonts-common noarch 2.0.2-1.fc10 updates 9.5 k
sj-stevehand-fonts noarch 2.0.2-1.fc10 updates 46 k
vlgothic-fonts-common noarch 20090204-2.fc10 updates 14 k

Transaction Summary
Install 7 Package(s)
Update 41 Package(s)
Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 130 M

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