EverNote and NeverNote

EverNote and NeverNote


I recently added EverNote to the list of sites that I plan to use to increase my day to day note-taking efficiency.  I’m very impressed with the ability to keep notes and retrieve them. In EverNote, even the free version, you can take pictures, make voice notes, and even make plain text notes. These are searchable based upon tags that you have given them and will be for the lifetime of your use. Even cooler is that EverNote will take images and will (eventually) index the text on those. PDF files are, I believe, also searchable. What a great tool! Who wouldn’t want to use this?

Unfortunately, I live in Linux Land. Although I love EverNote, there is no native client distributed by EverNote.  Consequently, I needed a Linux client to sync to the EverNote server.  What client can I use?

EverNote and NeverNote

Enter NeverNote (http://nevernote.sourceforge.net). NeverNote is a downloadable client that interacts (with some limited functionality) with the EverNote servers. I downloaded the approximately fifty-three megabyte appropriate installer (the amd64 RPM in my case) and ran the command
rpm -Uvh nevernote-0.96-2.amd64.rpm

It installed without the need to grab any dependencies and works without a flaw.


So far, so good. The application has been stable and my use of EverNote continues to explode–especially since I have a tablet and plan to purchase a smart phone.

Another option is that I could choose to simply use the web client. Depending upon the stability of the NeverNote program, this may become an excellent choice. Note that the site hasn’t been updated now for some time.

What are some neat ways that you use EverNote? Leave those in the comments, below!

4 thoughts on “EverNote and NeverNote”

    1. I don’t remember it being particularly difficult. I remember logging in with my username and everything coming down.

      What difficulties are you having? Have you ran Nevernote in terminal to see what errors you get?

  1. I went tthrough the whole process of installing NeverNote (now NixNote) on my Fedora machine before realizing that it’s now just easier to use the EverNote web site. Couple that with the Evernote Android app and you’re laughing.

    1. Mike, you’re correct. At the time I needed NeverNote because I had a horribly painful internet connection. With a reasonable connection, the EverNote page is wonderful. You’re also correct that the Android app is stellar. On the Nexus 7, the app is incredible; the combo of Skitch and EverNote is ridiculously useful.

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