English Standard Version in Electronica

To any who know me, you’ll soon catch that the ESV has become my favorite Bible translation. The translators took a literal interpretation with emphasis on modern-day readability (and somehow managed to keep an elegance). This is similar in structure to the ideas of the translators of the ASV of 1901.

One website http://www.innovatingtomorrow.net/2007/12/06/how-esv-bible-taking-internet leaves a fantastic discussion of what Crossway Bibles, the publishers of the ESV, have done to make the ESV such a strong success. Answer: strong Internet integration.

Perhaps the most novel move has been the use of the ESV (I mean a clear and intentional move) in Podcasts. At http://www.esv.org/biblereadingplans, there is a huge selection of schedules with which to read through your ESV in one year. I myself chose the chronological plan.

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