Energy-minded Websites

I’ve slowly become more and more “sustainably”-minded.  I’ve recently discovered two websites (more to follow, I’m sure) that have these ideas in common. 

The first is  Gasp, a Microsoft site posted here. 🙂  However, this asks the basic questions that I expected most of us know, but apparently not all of us.  Actually, the site suggested one thing which seems to be fairly contradictory.  The use of a programmable thermostat on homes with electric heat-pumps may actually reduce efficiency (if not appropriately programmed).  However, MS-hohms recommended such thermostats.  I will concede that, IF USED PROPERLY, the programmable thermostat could be highly beneficial.  This site requires a good deal of information to be known about your home.

The second is  This is clearly a government-operated site directed at informing the populous of things they can (residentially, locally, .etc.) to increase performance and lifespans (another form of sustainability) of appliances.  All in all, this site seems to be more geared toward those are knowledgeable of generics.

Hopefully, these sites are both useful.


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