Use Audacity to filter audio.

Converting Ogg to MP3


I had a dilemma where I left my voice recorder at my office while going to teach in another building.  I had to improvise.  What was I going to do?

Converting Ogg to MP3

With the use of a standard microphone-in port on a desktop computer and, with the boom mic plugged into that port, I knew I could record voice.  Further, afterwards, I downloaded Audacity.  Audacity took microphone input flawlessly and recorded at a frequency of 44100Hz and a rate of 16 kbs.  Audacity will also save to .ogg (and it did!).

Once back in the office on my Linux computer, I followed advice from the link and used a simplified version of the oggdecode command.  I simply used

oggdecode myfile.ogg

The oggdecode command exports to a .wav format natively.  I was then able to use the command

lame --preset phone myfile.wav newfilename.mp3

Now, I have exactly the file I wanted–smaller than both the original .ogg-file and the .wav-file.


Why did I go through all of this trouble?  I did it so I could upload podcasts for my students to the course LMS.  I was very glad that I learned to do this.

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