Convert Microsoft Publisher (.pub) files to Open-document Format

In what I can only presume will remain a constant, a file in yet another Linux-unfriendly format was sent to me. The MS publisher (.pub) format is currently unopenable by any open-source software. Apparently, the user base for such a filter has net yet made itself vocal and so here we are with this dilemma.

I first tried to open this file with OOwriter. This effort was fruitless. So, I googled the issue and came up with this link. Someone there recommends This site offers the translation of several different formats (to and from!). It very successfully converted my .pub file to the open-document format .odt. When finished with the conversion (all server-side), I was emailed a link to download the new file.

Granted, the paranoid open-source fellow that I am urges everyone to consider what they’re uploading to the server and not to forget that there are terms of service (which none of us will ever read). Do not upload sensitive documents (unless absolutely necessary!) for this filter. Spend more time going between multiple computers to make the conversions if your documents are sensitive.

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