Change Spark Plugs in a Dodge Dakota

Change Spark Plugs in a Dodge Dakota


Fifteen years ago, I would have done all the repair work on my white Ford F-150 (whose names included Henry or “The Mighty Whitey”). Responsibility and under-the-hood complexity had bluffed me and I had not done any of the tune up work on my own cars in years. This was true until recently.

Change Spark Plugs in a Dodge Dakota

This past summer we bought a boat. This boat was big enough that we didn’t want to sacrifice the life of a vehicle that had not been built to tow. Consequently we bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota. The truck appeared (and still seems so) solid. I had done the basic swapping out of the stock air filter for a K&N. I then decided to change spark plugs on it.

Having watched a few videos online, with knowledge of changing plugs on several older vehicles, I bought the plugs and set in to do it. I’d guess the whole procedure took less than 45 minutes. The truck runs better!

You’ll need a few basic tools:

  1. A torque wrench like this one.  You can rent these at most auto parts stores but, if you do lots of work on your own, this is a good purchase.
  2. A rachet to break loose the old spark plugs.
  3. Multiple extensions and sockets.  On modern engines, the spark plugs are not clearly exposed.
  4. A spark plug gapping tool (these cost about $1 at your local auto parts store)
  5. The appropriate number of spark plugs for your engine.  Don’t forget that you can just go and pick these up.  You have to get the correct spark plug for your motor.

I also included a video where I change the spark plugs in a Dodge Dakota (2005) with the 3.7L V-6.


What did I reclaim? Miles per gallon and a little bit of my pride.  I also saved hundreds of dollars from having the maintenance done at the dealership.  I did lose a little bit of knuckle skin.  But that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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