BibTeX and Google Scholar


BibTeX is a companion tool to LaTeX that greatly eases the burden of creating bibliographies in the well-known typesetting tool.  Google Scholar is a premier, widely-available tool for finding scholarly references for research.  What if they were to come together.

I currently want to discuss the wonderful innovation of Google Scholar and the BibTeX import that Google has provided. This is not a discussion of BibTeX, although that may come in the future. However, for many people, this wonderful feature from Google remains unknown.

BibTeX and Google Scholar

Point your browser to Google Scholar which is a wonderful search engine for the use of people who are searching scholarly publications and journals. I live by it. Now notice the link Scholar Preferences
Scroll down to the bottom and look at the field labeled “Bibliography Manager”. Click on “Show links to import citations into:”. There are several options, but the one I care about is BibTeX.

Select BibTeX and click “Save Preferences”.

Now search for something….anything that you know would be published. Here’s an example. I’m going to search for a book called “Smart Model Development” by R. C. Smith. The search results are

BibTeX and Google Scholar Click on the “Import into BibTeX” link and you get

BibTeX and Google Scholar Now you can simply copy that into your .bib file for your BibTeX bibliography.


Why would almost anyone care? If you’re a researcher in the sciences, and you use LaTeX/BibTeX, then Google makes your life much easier with this simple tool. Tuck it way, remember to use it, and make your .bib-files with much greater ease.

Remember, sometimes Google makes the .bib-files messy or with slightly incorrect information. Don’t hesitate to go in and edit your entries.

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