Best Photos for the Samsung Impression.

Best Photos for Samsung Impression


At this point, I’ve owned my Samsung Impression for about 1.5 years.  I’ve learned a few things about it.  This has been a great phone and I’m proud to share a few of my thoughts and one key fix.


The datebook application is pitiful but you can sync it with Google Calendar through the proprietary software.   I actually like the touchscreen keyboard better than the QWERTY slide-out keypad that was originally a reason of attraction for me to purchase it!

Best Photos for Samsung Impression

I’ve also learned that automatic photos with this camera are pitiful.  For some reason, I never really fooled around with the settings.  But recently, I did just that and saw an incredible difference.

The camera included on the Samsung Impression is really not bad for a feature phone.  The camera has a 3.1MP rating with no flash.  However, the software included is really pretty decent.  Anything a modern digital camera would have, this camera has (including some hokey picture frame settings that I wish weren’t there!).  There really are a variety of white-balance settings and shutter-speed combos as well.  On to my fix (which most have probably figured out by now.)

I have two children and so photos were NEVER in focus.  The camera gave the fuzziness associated with no flash and lots of wobbly motion.  In fact, I saw this problem when taking stills.  My own hand were too shakey for a good, clear photo.  I’ve always kept the camera at a “superfine” resolution but this time changed the setting to the “motion” scenario.  I leave it there.  The phone now takes sufficient photos for most scenarios.  Decent enough, in fact, that I’ve actually started using it for point-and-click type photos!


Are there better cameras on phones out there?  Absolutely.  But, you can squeeze every ounce of photo capability from this phone.  I’ve given some pretty good conversation above to help out with that and I hope that I’ve been helpful.

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