Man, I forget how much I hate to move. The last time we moved was in October of 2005 under less than optimal circumstances. I guess at that time, the move was so favorable that even the pains of moving were better than the situation which we were leaving.

Now, however, the circumstances are slightly different. We’re moving to an awesome house. The NC house is closing this week. However, I hate moving under a deadline. We’re packing the truck tomorrow. Literally, I go to pick it up in 10 hours and 42 minutes (according to my clock). We pull out on Tuesday morning.

So, you may ask, am I blogging? I’ve just been up in my attic clearing out the remainder of our possessions from that unfinished storage level of our home. I’m hot, sweaty, and my coffee is leaving my bloodstream. Simply put, I needed a break. This provides the opportunity to drink a little water, check, check to see if my Freecycle post has made it up yet, and to just chill.

I know that normally my entries are very technical in nature. I apologize for the personal nature of this entry for any who actually frequently read this for the nerdy stuff (I doubt if anyone does). It’ll be back up soon.