Applications in my Samsung Impression Through Linux

We’ve had our Impressions for two months now and I was starting to lose appreciation for them. However, I recently became emboldened and followed some information I had found online at concerning the installation of applications.

Applications in my Samsung Impression Through Linux

Using TKFileExplorer, the necessary Java .jar and .jad files, and the master key for the Samsung Impression, I could install applications harmlessly. My favoritism of this phone absolutely skyrocketed.

I installed the following apps:


2 thoughts on “Applications in my Samsung Impression Through Linux”

  1. how did you get your impression to run with linux? ive been looking for a linux driver since i bought mine, as it wont acknowledge its connection for the time being

    1. Hi Ziek,

      I didn’t use any Linux driver. I used TkFileExplorer (TKFE) through Wine. I then made a simlink (ln -s) for /dev/ttyACM0 to .wine/dosdevices/com1. It’s not amazingly stable. But it does work! I often have to make a directory and then reconnect. It’s better than booting back and forth to Windows from Linux.

      My discussion is at

      Let me know if you have any questions!

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