Adagio Tea Ingenuitea

Adagio Tea Ingenuitea For Making Better Tea


Almost five years ago on my birthday, my wife gave me my first Adagio Tea Ingenuitea. I had loved teas since sometime during my graduate school years and my snobbery was starting to increase. I had expressed my desire to try loose leaf tea and my wife obliged me. (Thanks, sweetheart!) She got me an Ingenuitea after a great deal of research.

Adagio Tea Ingenuitea

The Ingenuitea is made from some kind of clear composite that can be microwaved although I never have. With a hinged lid, metal filter (now), and valve that is depressed by the top of a cup or mug, it actually makes an infusion (I think) of tea.  Here’s the process I use:

  1. Select the loose leaf tea from which you desire to make your drink.  My current preference is a traditional Ceylon tea.  Add it to the Ingenuitea.
  2. Fill your tea kettle or electric kettle with water and heat the water to the desired temperature.  As in the following video, I use the Adagio Tea Utilitea.
  3. Add the water to your tea leaves in the Ingenuitea and set a timer (for preference on strength of your tea).  The longer the timer, the longer your tea steeps; the longer your tea steeps, the stronger/bolder the flavor becomes.
  4. Set the Ingenuitea on top of your tea mug or beverage container.  The valve built into the Ingenuitea will be depressed upon being placed on the top of your mug/cup.  The tea will flow smoothly into your mug.
  5. Add sugar, honey, milk, or cream to taste.  I take my without addition.
  6. Drink and enjoy.

For a brief demonstration on this process and the use of the Ingenuitea, watch my following video:


My Ingenuitea is probably one of my most used possessions.  Because I make tea from loose leaves daily, my Ingenuitea is also used daily.  When my current Ingenuitea breaks from use or is dropped and ruined, I shall purchase another.  (This current device is my second.)

If you would like to share your favorite teas, post them below in the comments!

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