About realsuddenlike.com

About RealSuddenlike.com

What is RealSuddenLike.com about?

This my site where I write in regards to all kinds of things, but mainly from the point of view of men (fathers, husbands, sons) living with all of the encumbrances of the modern American life. Most of us are workers, in relationships, have beliefs, moralities, and lives to live. This site is about doing things yourself–not to be macho but to be enabled and live life in a calculated way.


As a consequence, you will see me write about things like time management, car and house maintenance, cooking, tools, purchases, electronics (I love electronics), and dozens of other topics. You will almost never see me write about work but you will see me write about tools and practices that make work easier. (My work comments and blog are found at jonernstberger.com.) You’ll read about things that are ongoing with my faith family, but mainly about infrastructure that helps that group to carry out its duties.


In 2007, shortly after my first son had been born, I realized that I loved writing. I wrote about Linux, audio, video, hardware, software, family, Bible studies, and pretty much anything else that came across my pathway. At the time, my wife and I were graduate students, (relatively) recently married, and brand new parents. I had just purchased my first laptop and writing happened whenever it could. Many of my posts, at the time, had work themes but were really spawned out of my love of science and tech.

About the Future

For now, I enjoy making videos, posting them on my YouTube Channel, and writing on those same topics here.

What will I be writing about in the future? There’s no telling but I bet it has to do with Google technologies, productivity, product purchases that make my life better, and how I’m leading my life.