64-Bit Flash

A friend of mine on distrostop posted this thread about Adobe releasing an alpha of the 64-bit version of the popular Flash plugin. This thrilled my soul.

As an x86_64 Linux user (on Fedora 9), the only way to enable Flash was to run the nsplugin-wrapper and the flash-plugin for 32-bit browsers. I experienced frequent browser crashes, glitches with Flash which required browser restarts, or oddities such as sound and no video or video with no sound!

The alpha is available at http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html and has so far worked well for me playing excellently from Hulu and Pandora.

I had the Adobe repository for Fedora 9 installed and consequently had to use yum to remove the software. I issued

yum remove flash-plugin


yum remove nspluginwrapper

to remove the necessary files. I also traversed the directory structure to .mozilla/plugins to delete an already present libflashplayer.so file.

After downloading the .tar.gz file, I issued

tar -zxvf libflashplayer-10.0.d20.7.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz

and copied the new libflashplayer.so to my .mozilla/plugins directory. So far, so good.

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