6/23 was a good day….

Monday (6/23/2008) was my scheduled doctoral defense date. The defense began at 10:00 AM as scheduled and was over by around 11:30. I passed! WOOHOO for me! (seriously) Five years of my life struggling to earn my doctorate in mathematics was finally at an end. I was congratulated by the committee and then left to start the administrative tasks associated with finishing my Ph.D. So that made for an awesome start to my morning.

Around 12:00 I made it to my wife’s office. She was on the phone with our realtor who was conveying a counter-offer that a persepctive buyer had made to us concerning our home (which had only been for sale at the time for 34 days). Stacey said that she would mention their offer to me and we would discuss it over lunch. Sounds pretty good so far! We went to a restuarant off of Hillsborough St. (near NCSU’s campus) and were just sitting there thinking about the goodness of the day and the goodness of the offer. We pretty simultaneously decided that we would accept the offer and called our realtor on the spot. So, we sold our house.

At this point, I have passed my doctoral defense and we have sold our house. All on the same day. Can it get any better? Sushi, chocolate cake, and cards with friends rounded off the wonderfulness of our Monday.

We are richly blessed. 🙂

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