2/2 Updates

Granted, I didn’t check for updates on Saturday or Sunday. However, today there was a plethora of updates. Here they are:

Package Arch Version Repository Size
control-center x86_64 1: updates 2.4 M
control-center-filesystem x86_64 1: updates 40 k
glib2 i386 2.18.4-1.fc10 updates 1.4 M
glib2 x86_64 2.18.4-1.fc10 updates 1.4 M
gnome-desktop x86_64 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 1.0 M
gnome-panel x86_64 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 2.9 M
gnome-panel-libs x86_64 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 61 k
gnome-session x86_64 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 602 k
gnome-session-xsession x86_64 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 25 k
gnome-settings-daemon x86_64 2.24.1-7.fc10 updates 458 k
gnome-themes noarch 2.24.3-1.fc10 updates 1.6 M
gtk2 x86_64 2.14.7-1.fc10 updates 4.4 M
gtk2 i386 2.14.7-1.fc10 updates 4.3 M
gtksourceview2 x86_64 2.4.2-1.fc10 updates 668 k
hwdata noarch 0.222-1.fc10 updates 924 k
kdebase-workspace x86_64 4.2.0-4.fc10.2 kde-testing 13 M
kdebase-workspace-libs x86_64 4.2.0-4.fc10.2 kde-testing 728 k
kdelibs x86_64 6:4.2.0-7.fc10 kde-testing 13 M
kdelibs-common x86_64 6:4.2.0-7.fc10 kde-testing 272 k
ksysguardd x86_64 4.2.0-4.fc10.2 kde-testing 71 k
libmtp x86_64 0.3.6-1.fc10 updates 100 k
libxml++ x86_64 2.24.2-1.fc10 updates 89 k
libxml2 x86_64 2.7.3-1.fc10 updates 870 k
libxml2 i386 2.7.3-1.fc10 updates 859 k
libxml2-python x86_64 2.7.3-1.fc10 updates 417 k
netpbm x86_64 10.35.58-1.fc10 updates 839 k
netpbm-progs x86_64 10.35.58-1.fc10 updates 1.8 M
openoffice.org-brand x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 425 k
openoffice.org-calc x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 117 k
openoffice.org-calc-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 8.4 M
openoffice.org-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 99 M
openoffice.org-draw x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 114 k
openoffice.org-draw-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 1.1 M
openoffice.org-graphicfilter x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 247 k
openoffice.org-impress x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 117 k
openoffice.org-impress-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 1.6 M
openoffice.org-math x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 109 k
openoffice.org-math-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 1.5 M
openoffice.org-pdfimport x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 1.3 M
openoffice.org-presenter-screen x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 1.3 M
openoffice.org-ure x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 3.0 M
openoffice.org-writer x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 121 k
openoffice.org-writer-core x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 5.8 M
openoffice.org-xsltfilter x86_64 1:3.0.1-15.2.fc10 updates 355 k
perl-libwww-perl noarch 5.823-1.fc10 updates 392 k
phonon x86_64 4.3.0-5.fc10 kde-testing 153 k
phonon-backend-gstreamer x86_64 4.3.0-5.fc10 kde-testing 109 k
phonon-backend-xine x86_64 4.3.0-5.fc10 kde-testing 164 k
pulseaudio x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 470 k
pulseaudio-core-libs x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 246 k
pulseaudio-libs x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 235 k
pulseaudio-libs i386 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 202 k
pulseaudio-libs-glib2 x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 40 k
pulseaudio-module-x11 x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 28 k
pulseaudio-utils x86_64 0.9.14-1.fc10 updates 188 k
sudo x86_64 1.6.9p17-4.fc10 updates 232 k
transmission x86_64 1.42-1.fc10 updates 1.0 M
xkeyboard-config noarch 1.4-6.fc10 updates 368 k
xorg-x11-drv-synaptics x86_64 0.15.2-2.fc10 updates 53 k
zenity x86_64 2.24.1-1.fc10 updates 2.0 M

Transaction Summary
Install 0 Package(s)
Update 60 Package(s)
Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 185 M

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